MICROPHYT is a French leading biotechnology SME specialized in the extraction of natural bioactive compounds from microalgae.

Microphyt solutions are intended to address the needs of personal-care, food and health-care industries worldwide, through a differentiated and sustainable approach. Proprietary technologies allow controlled and industrial-scale supply of microalgae biomass and extracts. Industrial scale photobioreactors (PBR) developed and patented by Microphyt are designed to produce specific strains of microalgae by preserving cell integrity and yielding commercial quantities of slow-growing or biofilm-forming species. Therefore, these technologies enable Microphyt’s customers to access innovative natural bioactive products from the untapped microalgae diversity.

MICROPHYT was founded in 2007 by Arnaud Muller-Feuga a world-renowned expert with more than 25 years of academic expertise in microalgae biotechnology which has devoted a complete career as researcher in microalgae biotechnology. He founded MICROPHYT to which he brought the scientific and technology basis of CAMARGUE technology. He designed and assessed numerous photobioreactors during a long period and wrote numerous scientific articles. He is the inventor of 12 patents and patent applications. Arnaud Muller Feuga is still involved in Microphyt acting as a scientific consultant for the society.

In 2008, Michel Lemar has joined Microphyt bringing his industrial expert in bioprocesses. MICROPHYT has developed a breakthrough technology which was implemented at scale for the first time in 2009 and patented the same year.

In 2013 Vincent Usache join the Microphyt team and participate to a first fund raising, in 2014 he is appointed as the new CEO.

The development of the MICROPHYT technology has been accelerated by the winning of two SME Instrument projects, a Phase 1 in 2015 and a Phase 2 in 2016 for the SMILE project in which MICROPHYT has develop active ingredients related to weight management and the preservation of cognitive function.

In 2019, the product Brainphyt TM, a new ingredient which helps to fight cognitive decline as well as specific metabolic disorders related to ageing, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America. 2019 is also the year of an unprecedented funding for MICROPHYT, which has raised 28,5 M€, the world most important funding in the area of microalgae.

MICROPHYT currently owns 5 patent families and runs an industrial microalgae production platform. MICROPHYT is ENVOL certified since 2017 demonstrating its commitment to control its environmental impact.

Role in the project :

MICROPHYT is the coordinator of the SCALE flagship project and will be involved in the different steps and WPs of the project:

  • Microphyt will ensure the smooth management and implementation of the project by managing the consortium and supporting the partners for the realization of their scientific and administrative tasks.
  • Microphyt will also lead the Plant Building, supervising the subcontractors and partners involved in the SCALE Flagship building.
  • Microphyt will produce the microalgae biomass and extract the natural active ingredients from the microalgae.
  • Microphyt will actively participate to the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities under WP8 to ensure the project results wider uptake.