NUTRASTEWARD provides scientific and regulatory consulting services to clients wishing to:

  • Understand the regulatory requirements in various international markets for placing food and feed ingredients on the market
  • Gain authorization for new food and feed ingredients or new uses of existing food and feed ingredients
  • Protect existing food and feed ingredients in an ever-changing regulatory environment

This project is the springboard for NUTRASTEWARD to develop its current presence in the EU to a fully developed subsidiary, increasing its international competitiveness, facilitating economic growth. The setting up of a full subsidiary will have social benefits from increasing the access to qualified scientific staff in other Member States and by creating employment opportunities.

Role in the project:

Within the SCALE project, NUTRASTEWARD will:

  • Develop a regulatory strategy to gain market access for its novel food ingredients covering US and EU markets as well as identifying other key international markets.
  • Provide scientific expertise to help with the design, placement and evaluation of studies to provide the critical data needed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of the novel food ingredients.
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of food regulations to ensure compliance and resolve obstacles to market access for new food ingredients.
  • Prepare scientific dossiers to support the safety and efficacy of novel ingredients to gain pre-market approval.
  • Liaise with the regulatory agencies or work closely with contacts on the ground in the identified markets, to submit and steward the applications through the approval process.
  • Facilitate market entry by identifying authoritative body contacts, regulatory experts and trade associations which will help with understanding the regulatory environment for foods.