Concept and objectives

SCALE proposes an innovative concept based on a unique and cutting-edge Camargue photobioreactor technology, capable of producing large-scale volumes of high-value ingredients from unique microalgae species through economical and environmentally friendly processes.

The project targets these 8 key objectives: 

  • To produce on a large scale a first-of-its-kind bio-based value chain to produce safe and high performing novel products from microalgae.
  • To ensure the continuous supply of the plant.   
  • To cover the whole value chain from the raw materials supply to the production of high added-value products.
  • To supply market demand by demonstrating the efficiency, quality, purity and safety of the end-products in full conformity with the EU and FDA regulations.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the Flagship Plant and its products.
  • Operate the plant as a truly integrated biorefinery converting biomass into a variety of products and without generating waste.
  • Implement key technologies enabling to optimize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and boost productivity of microalgae biomass and bioactive compound inside
  • To align with the regions’ development strategies by getting involved in the training and employment of young graduates and promoting local suppliers to meet environmental standards.